Boustead Geo-Spatial Technology Group

The Boustead Geo-Spatial Technology group represents the largest consortium of ArcGIS specialists outside the US, and is one of the most respected contributors to the geo‑spatial community globally.

The group – comprising of Esri Singapore, Esri South Asia, Esri Malaysia, Esri Indonesia, Esri Australia and MapData Services – employs more than 300 geo‑spatial and industry professionals and services thousands of the region's leading government agencies and commercial enterprises.

Collectively the group holds exclusive rights to distribute Esri's world‑leading GIS technology – the ArcGIS Platform – across Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Timor‑Leste.

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Esri South Asia

Esri South Asia is the exclusive distributor of Esri Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to Bangladesh, Brunei and Timor‑Leste.

The company is also a key member of the region’s largest group of ArcGIS specialists – the Boustead Geo‑Spatial Technology group.

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82 Ubi Avenue 4

07-03 Edward Boustead Centre

Singapore 408832

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Tel: +65 6742 8622

Fax: +65 6742 1922

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Tel: +880 1712 533 155


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